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Road To Riches

Working with Kool G Rap has given Kenny a first hand glimpse into the mind of a mad man, which enhanced his ability to be creative with visual art as Kool G Rap is with his poetic storytelling. Being a part of a unit of trendsetters known as the Juice Crew the elements of hip hop seemed to be transfused in the bloodstream of Kenglomerate, making him a huge lover of the arts. Emerging from the inner city of New York known as Queens, there’s a popular saying that Queens get the money, “QGTM”, and that has always been the mindset. Kool G Rap and two dancers known as Shawn and Kenny have lived by this motto and still remain on the Road To The Riches till this present day. This masterpiece depicts the rapper as an underworld crime boss on the hunt for money and power. The red tint symbolizes the dangers that we face in the urban streets. The repeated Gucci pattern in the shirt represents all the times that Kool G has inspired the generations after him with his creativity, making him your favorite rapper’s, favorite rapper.


Released on December 9th, 1983, the movie “Scarface” was met with a considerable amount of applause and recognition due to its intriguing story and exceptional acting. Kenny, spellbound with the movie, has portrayed his appreciation through his digitally designed painting known as the “Cartel.” While capturing the character’s delusional mindset that believes that the world truly belongs to him and no one else. Cartel by Kenny is a pure illustration of Montana’s rage that depicts ruthlessness combined with insanity. Just like every person needs loyalty, friends, and family to live a happy and fulfilling life, those who lack these things usually have a tragic and unhappy ending. The art piece sends this important message that shows Montana’s demise in front of a cocaine mountain, which nobody would ever wish to have. In order to send out this message to the audience, Kenny has left a portion white and black, as lifeless as an individual’s life would be without the presence of his loved ones. 


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“ Kenglomerate is a extremely talented artist with thought provoking concepts that create conversation in any room. I have been debating on where to hang my next art piece in my recording

HIPHOP Collector

“ I’m in love with the Nipsey Hustle canvas. Your super talented beyond
words. The canvas looks amazing hanging on my loft walls. Thank you ”


“The Biggie canvas work is Powerful. I’m from Brooklyn and this artwork
speaks to me on many levels. I love your creativity. It’s one of my
favorite pieces that I own.”