Our Story

Kenny Kenglomerate is a Digital Creator and entrepreneur residing in the heart of Queens.

With a background in Visual Arts and a keen eye to formulate concepts that will stimulate the viewer and keep them captivated.

The artist known as Kenglomerate is breaking new ground with his eccentric style and taking photo manipulation to the next level. Developing this style and skill of artistic precision, so early in his
career allowed him to coin a phrase “Mindtography” as a technique used to create his pieces. A mindtographer can be described as a photo illusionist that creates aesthetic forms of art in a digital format; creating unbelievable visuals that merge between worlds of fantasy and reality.

Since the beginning of time, all cultures have found the importance of myths threading the reality of human conditioning with imagination. Art has allowed our minds to capture glimpses of the past, present, and yet in some cases predicting our future. Is it a gift or a curse? The answer will define you. Artists are a rare breed of individuals.We are gifted with the ability to spark thoughts that speak to the soul, with the heart to dare to be different running in our veins.

“ Kenny Kenglomerate is phenomenal with his artistry. Most importantly, very professional with his product. I am on my third piece of artwork, and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. “